Dressing up (or down) in Paradise

One thing about living on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is that whatever works for a place like Tahiti can also work for a place like Hawaii.

This is true when it comes to fashion. While the names change from one Pacific culture to the next, the essence of what we wear here in the islands is essentially the same. Tapa cloth has been used throughout this region of the world, and they’re essentially used in the same way in Tahiti, Samoa and Hawaii. The same goes for the Pareu (lavalava in Samoa) — a wraparound skirt worn by men. The Samoan Puletasi is basically another rendition of the Mu’u Mu’us found in Hawaii and vice-versa.

But the Hawaiian shirt has become more of a distinct form of fashion over the course of the ages. while men in other parts of the Pacific wear a similar form of shirt, none are as colorful or as versatile as the Hawaiian shirt as we now know it.

And since the hot summer months are just around the corner, I’m sure you’ll see more and more of these popular shirts. It’s no surprise why they’re popular: They’re easy to wear, keeps you cool, and quite comfortable. Read more about the Hawaiian Shirt at Da Kine Aloha’s post, Hawaiian Shirts, Cool Summer Clothing.

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